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Findings of world civil airlines: Civilian machine market had new change

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According to England " flight international " reported on October 21, 2008: Distance last year " flight international " release world civilian machine findings is close already 1 year of time, market of meantime world civilian engine had new change again. Airbus A380 is entered enlist in army approach 1 year of time, operation is relatively smooth. Boeing 787 " dreamy plane " still be in head fly prepare. Pang Badi decides series of the C that start is larger the development of the plane.

787 projects encountered Boeing Boeing company (Boeing Co. ) the project plan defer that will a few years have no, force its client to must be searched transfer transport power. Boeing already signed a few new contracts, showing promotion Boeing 767 planes crop, think the 787 users that start offer Boeing transfer transport power. 787 defer mix Boeing must await airbus A350 XWB to make grow to the demand of airbus A330, its order goods the record on book already exceeded 1000 this year.

Airbus A380 will enlist in army one year on October 25, at present already a few planes of consign are used good. The biggest problem that empty guest faces is smooth to batch produce and raise crop to transfer. Additional airbus company (Airbus S.A.S. , abbreviation " empty customer firm " ) the definition that still will finish airbus A350 before the end of the year is frozen. The huge success that airbus A350 gains forces Boeing to must be rolled out answer type, a kind of plan is Boeing of 777 upgrade model, do not cross Boeing 787 users hope more is to be based on Boeing the development of 787. Additionally Boeing and empty customer firm deferred Boeing 737 with airbus A320 brand-new the time that replaces type to roll out.

Pang Badi decides development uses GTF of general · benefit (fan of positive drive eddy) the C series aircraft of engine, this 110/130 the plane is familial will likely low to having end is narrow body orgnaization becomes competition, because this cannot eliminate Boeing and development of empty customer company,its are had narrow the possibility of the machine of GTF engine remodel of system plane.

Competition of market of prospective world civil airliner will be more intense. China defined the long-dated plan that develops trunk plane design and development formally already. And Russia also restores civil aircraft to make professional work in effort. Its pursue 204 obtained the near future to expand support, at the same time Russia still is being developed 180 to plane of 210 MS-21 double hair, the plan is rolled out inside 7 years. (Chinese aviation industry grows research center Wu Wei)

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