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4 large airports of United States install system of modern air traffic control

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According to the United States " website of company of Martin of Losk Heed · " reported on October 16, 2008, serve the administrator at airports of 4 large United States people using firm of Martin of · of Losk Heed of classics United States now (abbreviation " Luo Ma company " ) with company of American Thor aircraft (abbreviation " Thor " ) the terminal air traffic control that modernization upgrades.

Regard American federal as aviation bureau (FAA) terminal area modernization is replaced (TAMR) project, thor and group of company of horse of · of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces are developed and Yu Zhi of v/arc be on the throne adds elder brother, Denver, st. louis He Mingni the method of 4 terminal radar of city emperor Paul controls Abolisi (TRACON. Thor company is this project advocate contractor.

The administrator is inside field of American large scale computer or the system that upgrade and video are used near its, can solve not only discard as useless and capacity issue, still can improve inside system of American territorial air interactive. Additional, integrated the new system of the graphic display that examines more easily, the skill that shows some and future to FAA union progresses to bring flexibility in order to satisfy the challenge of a developmental territorial air system, the surveillance that these challenges are monitor of much radar sensor and support automation broadcasts (ADS-B) of ability and so on.

Typical terminal area air traffic control serves the depart that includes the liaison man in sky and sort, of traffic alarm and weather alarm answer measure, bring with leave and the radar boat guide that reach liaison man. (Chinese aviation industry grows research center Liu Yawei)

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