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Bay the security bureau is regulation of general aviation aircraft to public con

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According to England " flight international " reported] on October 21, 2008: Management board of safety of Australian civil aviation (CASA) be opposite at present Australian recreation aviation (RA-Aus) the greatest takeoff weight that organizes the member that a when hand over this organization allows flying canal to raise a plane (MTOW) suggest and the opinion of consult public.

The proposal of RA-Aus is in this country Ministry of Aviation divides the motility of less control and amusement to developing in allegro, and when traditional general aviation business glides, put forward.

This organization suggests to divide at present already besides the plane that attestation is light movement, allow an administrator to raise the MTOW of the plane to 540kg, among them the MTOW upper limit of foundation plane is 600kg, the MTOW upper limit of sea radical is 650khg.

RA-Aus hope raises the upper limit of MTOW to 750kg, exceed level of light aircraft attestation with European Air Safety Board (CS-VLA) attestation upper limit keeps consistent. According to Australian regulation the 149th proposal, motion and recreational aviation motion are the proper motion management that via resembling RA-Aus this kind of organization approves domain.

Say according to RA-Aus, the demand of aviation industry is driving his hard to achieve the goal that raises MTOW upper limit. The machine that this organization hopes to organize place management by this advocate the member that the plane can make be in charge of for nothing allows achieve 750kg to the MTOW of two any planes, speed of the stall after calibration not prep above 85km/h. If the general aviation aircraft of 150 abides by Saisina,this job may permit bulk the byelaw of RA-Aus management system flies.

RA-Aus thinks, the two-seater that influence of this job big appointment is abiding by rules of CASA more charge and bureaucratic management system 1100 times to fly now is general aviation aircraft. If should suggest,get aviation industry produces positive effect adoption will be been opposite. "RA-Aus shows already basis already the attitude that some common sense change byelaw and collection airline got confirming, this overturns generation in the general aviation of downturn sexual influence. This overturns generation in the general aviation of downturn sexual influence..

Off period of this consult opinion is on November 11.

(Chinese aviation industry grows research center Zhu Gehui)

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