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Microsoft (Microsoft Corp. ) with Travelport today (22 days) announce, both sides will be developed for tourism hand in hand a series of all-around service, settle all sorts of traveler, challenges that supplier and travel agent face. In cooperative process, the development of a few services undertakes Microsoft and Travelport put up with discuss, these services aim to improve a journey to experience and be supplier of airline, journey and travel agent (include viatic management company (TMC) and online travel agent (OTA) ) offer new camp closes and reduce cost good luck, more extensive cent to sell limits and taller client satisfaction is spent and faithful degree. These services predict will 2009 roll out first quarter. Geoff Cairns of president of Microsoft Hospitality whole world expresses: "The viatic market knowledge with the seesaw pattern technology that abounds through combining Microsoft and extensive Travelport and know the inside story choose, we create the industry that it is brigade a solution that has complete innovation sense. This will be depended on more personalized service improves viatic experience, change company of supplier, journey management and online travel agent to offer the way of the service for traveler. Change company of supplier, journey management and online travel agent to offer the way of the service for traveler..

In viatic course of study, the journey that Microsoft devotes oneself to to help airline and service supplier pass all equipment to offer high individuation in all channel serves, include what travelling to help service supplier blend in the traveler, individual be fond of that understands them and demand better each phase build firm affection to concern.

Travelport is the leader of the domain of viatic electron business affairs that is based on a network, the participator in offerring global journey cent to sell chain can obtain provide the associated sex, technology that provides cost effectiveness most and service most. This company everyday the journey trades the quantity amounts to 1.1 billion. Inside global limits 63, the viatic supplier with 000 many travel agent, banner whole world and enterprise depend on Travelport to drive productivity, reduce operation cost, provide a service for global millions traveler.

Microsoft of this collaboration based and Travelport are travelling the cooperative history of respect of solution of innovation of course of study technology. Before, bilateral Ceng Ge is made developed many innovation solution, if the electron of Travelport fixes a price shopping technology (before develop for Expedia, let all Travelport client be benefited nowadays) and TravelportCacheControl (with Microsoft joint development) . Travelport still offers Microsoft business travel to book a solution.

Keith Woodcock of TravelportGDS senior vice president expresses: "We are very many gladder to can head business Microsoft joint development with the technology solution of the innovation of channel journey. No less than the other innovation of we and Microsoft joint development solution is same, technical investment and development are the result of demand of listen respectfully client, reach final benefit traveler, travel agent, airline and other journey supplier. Reach final benefit traveler, travel agent, airline and other journey supplier..
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