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The aviation that amount to the United States will build base of Sa uncle plane

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The United States amounts to beautiful airline (Delta Air Lines Inc. ) announced recently, preparing to build brand-new Sa in Atlanta airport uncle base of 340 planes operation, use Sa uncle 340 replace be in Atlanta airport at present the engine of aircraft of 12 ATR72s branch line of operation team.

The personage inside course of study discloses, by American northwest airline (Northwest Airlines Corp. ) subsidiary -- empty company of plum Sa Ba Hang (Mesaba Airlines) the 340 planes of 49 Sa uncle of place operation will garrison Atlanta airport. It is reported, this is the aviation that amount to the United States and northwest aviation the one part of the new line network that forms to realize amalgamative place finally and aircraft group plan.

Da Meihang hopes to use turbine propeller-driven aircraft in Atlanta airport for nothing, main reason is think new and enlightened profit is higher to south block Luo Laina city Hilton is black insular course. On this course, the group of branch line aircraft of 12 ATR72 plane can operation arrives at the beginning of December. Hilton is black insular runway is very short, suit operation of branch line plane only. Because this amounts to beautiful aviation to plan the plane evacuate oneself this one market, and let join numerous state airline (US Airways) subsidiary -- empty company of Pi Ai Meng Tehang (Piedmont Airlines) continue operation, this company will use Pang Badi firm (Bombardier Inc. ) DASH787-8 plane hold flying Atlanta pauses to rare Er the black course that get an island.

In addition, da Meihang has fun at for nothing those who be in Atlanta is other on course of a few short distance also reuse turbine propeller-driven aircraft, wait like resort of beach of silent spy Er. Da Meihang had used 12 ATR72 plane to replace branch line jet aircraft for nothing, because jet aircraft is below condition of current high oil price, not be to fly the good model of these travel course. Da Meihang hopes for nothing can plum Sa Ba Hang arrangement of plane of Sa uncle 340s is in empty part Atlanta airport operation, be opposite with line of feeder of this contented Atlanta airport the demand of turbine propeller-driven aircraft. Current, plum Sa Ba Hang's empty plane basically is in northwest aerial bright Niabolisi, Detroit and Memphis 3 base operation.

Plum Sa Ba Hang has expressed for nothing, after incorporating from the aircraft of 340s of 49 Sa uncle that leases over there aircraft manufacturer will instantly hold the course of flying Atlanta. In light of the long-term sex that incorporates from the aviation that amount to the United States and northwest aviation, these two companies hope to choose operation of these new-style turbine propeller-driven aircraft. The end of the year was mixed last year this year the beginning of the year, northwest aviation has evaluated the propeller-driven aircraft of a few turbine that includes ATR72-600 inside, but quited this job after announcing to incorporate for nothing with Da Meihang. Da Meihang also compares the performance of series of satisfactory ATR plane for nothing, but basis and 3 agreements that northwest boat incorporates for nothing, the ATR72 model that Da Meihang uses for nothing can be to leave Alaska of subsidiary United States airline only (Alaska Airlines) . 2005, when Da Meihang is selling Alaska airline for nothing, retained the ownership of 4 ATR72s plane, 8 planes rent the rest ASA aviation. But according to the agreement at that time, these 12 planes are final should call in.
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