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Fuel cost is exorbitant pass through aviation 3 quarters are deficient 107.1 mil

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Beijing time Zhou Si (23 days) late word, low cost airline passes through airline (Air Tran) announce, loss of the 3rd quarter 107.1 million dollar, close every deficit 91 cent, and last year gain of the corresponding period 10.6 million dollar, close every gain 11 cent.

This headquarters is set in Florida Ao Lan's much airline to report battalion of the 3rd quarter closes relatively the corresponding period grew 11% last year, to 673.3 million dollar.

Before this, wall street analyst predicts the 3rd quarter of this company on average every deficit 41 cent, sale 671.1 million dollar.

This company says, living the fuel cost that does not issue high is the culprit that brings about its to be immersed in deficit. Cost of fuel of the 3rd quarter occupies his the 50% above of total spending.

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