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The boat oily duty of 30 % gets Indian aviation job impossibly governmental der

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Because Indian Ministry of finance expresses helpless to reducing tax, the of 30% boat oily duty of airline place pay of India, look impossible to get derate.

Recently, industry of Indian home aviation expects tax of aviation turbine fuel can be reduced all the time, this imposition is as high as 30% in a few areas. The oil company that this caused people to be aided financially to a few governments fails to pay boat oil the controversy of bill.

This week, ministerial Praful Patel and Murli Deora of Indian oil minister all began Indian aviation to exchange views, try to solve this problem.

But look at present, it seems that the Ministry of finance does not agree to reduce tax, accordingly Indian airline is turning and appeal oil minister Deora, hope oil branch can reduce ATF base price.

Meanwhile, india almost all airline predict to will be in this week and official of Ministry of Aviation meet, in order to discuss the property of its operation, and the finance health situation that discusses them.

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