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Airline expresses Russia S7 to did not undertake selling negotiating with Russia

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RUSNEWS.CN of Russian new network is Muscovite on October 23 report: Be in those who comment a few media to release about Russia international airline (Aeroflot Russian Airlines JSC) the hope buys S7 airline (Siberia Airlines S7) (Siberia airline) when the message, jilier Aliyafujin of S7 airline spokesman expresses to reporter of Russian new company, this company never undertakes any selling negotiate with Russia international airline.

Aliyafujin points out: "We did not receive any letter with these proposals. Had not undertaken consulting with Russia airline. Never undertake any selling negotiate with this company. Never undertake any selling negotiate with this company..

A few media report 22 days, russia international airline requests confederative traffic Department of Transportation to back a company about making over Siberia airline to its the proposal of 25.5% states share, hope to buy Siberia airline to carry business with integrated home.

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