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Zhang Qihuai: "Center of flight desired result " should law " desired result "

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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 12, 2008 message: If you are not the personage inside course of study, never perhaps had heard of so an unit -- center of desired result of flight of Chinese civil aviation. The come-and-go that basically goes up without business because of it and average person and unit and, center of desired result of flight of Chinese civil aviation not the technical personnel from him invite applications for a job in Everyman, the reason that because business is popularized,also does not need and " advertisement " oneself. But, the personage inside course of study is right a such very crucial orgnaizations, certain however and witting. Its position, be just like course of study of whole civil aviation " cerebella " , unique, cannot replace.

Center of desired result of flight of Chinese civil aviation held water 1989, it is orgnaization of China's exclusive civil flight desired result, have the equipment of flight desired result of world advanced level and team of flight desired result. The flight desired result of the navigation that assuming all civil airports inside limits of chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and air route at present, radar, communication, establishment that aid boat and flight program. "Ox " ? And, it is direct be subordinate to the class of deputy department bureau of bureau of canal of sky of bureau of boat of the countryman in belonging to institution.

But namely so unit of class of bureau of a department, in the business of flight desired result that have too many visitors or business to deal with, busy move detects others, corrective others, forgot to detect however oneself, corrective oneself; Use statute, code comes standard, detect, corrective oneself management. On the advanced level on administration, business be without a rival, on pay rich and generous liberal to be able to agree this originally the blemish of the life covers Yan Yan is solidly; But this cap is in casual was opened by an air man.

Guo Wenjie is an air man of the center, the requirement of abdication raised after serving 12 years for the center. After the case belongs to controversy of institution human affairs to arbitrate committee arbitrates through central mechanism and place, because both sides refuses to obey, entered proceeding; Current, the case already was accepted formally by sunny district court.

In the litigant request that submits to in center of flight desired result, the desired result that we discovered a center " blind area " , the slow response that is pair of national policy trends then, mistake that sets to state law is understood and the turn a blind eye to to sectional regulations.

Regard national level as the unit, to center policy the trend should be sensitive, and should accept actively how-to. Be in early the State Council was released 1982 " state-operated enterprise executes labor contract to make provisional provision " , the 32nd among them is indicated particularly, the institution should prep according to this regulation is carried out. This is the thing before the center holds water, do not carry out still can find it seems that " say decline " . But after the center holds water, labor department was given out 1994 " the announcement that executes labor contract to make in the round " , the whole nation standing committee is promulgated at of the same age and amend at beginning to carry out 1995 greatly after " labor law " ; Right now, the center still is him place oneself at law " desired result " besides limits, after forming labor contract to concern with Guo Wenjie 1998 unexpectedly, be as long as 12 years to did not sign labor contract to it.
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