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Of great capacity of company of bibcock of course of study of cultivate oneself

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Sichuan sea is especially new and high technical Inc. (002023, abbreviation " the sea is especially new and high " ) it is Shanghai deep two city are only a plane is maintained kind appear on the market company, already developed sky of set out on a voyage at present service of airborne equipment maintenance involves electric, electron, machinery 3 kinds big 1015 breed, 8247 projects, make domestic scale the biggest, actual strength is the strongest, the market covers a range the widest specialization aviation is airborne equipment maintains one of industries. Company and company of group of Chinese Oriental aviation (China Eastern Air Holding Co. , the following abbreviation " Dong Hang group " ) the Tianjin of joint investment circle in the air eaves, its advocate business Wu is global airlines, helicopter repair. On July 3, 2008 announcement, joint-stock establish " project of plane of Sichuan remote antiquity serves limited company " (hold 9% ) . Invest those who be helpful for Wu of company boat study at school this to begin external with the business domain that extends big airlines to maintain a respect. The project always invests 10-12 100 million yuan, first phase invests 150 million yuan, integral project is divided period construction, 4 period after project is finished, series of A340 of the passenger car in can undertaking 4 built on stilts at the same time and aircraft of series of 4 airbus A320 are maintained, offer post of more than 3000 professional technology. As the rapid development of course of study of our country civil aviaton, will drive aviation dimension study at school to develop.

The sea is especially new and high and active integrated market resource. Institute of machinery of Chinese aviation motivation (608) it is our country exclusive medium or small center of aviation engine research and development, powerful technical advantage is had in aviation motivation domain. Company with 15 million yuan of collect endowment (take 50% equity) wait with 608 joint-stock establish " Hunan is lighted annulus " , by its executive part aviation assists dynamical plant (APU) maintenance project, strengthen the technical cooperation in aviation motivation domain. In addition, advantage of company research and development is clear, the CAAC maintenance that acquires more than 8200 airborne facility at present allows a project, 1060 FAA attestation is permitted, count the initiate inside dependency of decathlon technology achievement among them, and be the civilian battalion aviation that home obtains civil aviaton total bureau the first times to maintain license maintain an industry.

On 2 class market, this course in September of the middle ten days of a month after rebounding quickly, serious defect is adjusted, lying 2 times at present in the process of sound foundation, early days low is in prop up will producing effect. The newspaper in 2008 shows, before 10 current a partner is aggregate hold sheds all-around 36.56% , than going up period reduce 0.43 percent, chip is centered relatively. At present concussion builds double bottom pattern, rebound prices is brewing in, the proposal meets low attention.
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