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Dong Hang rises abruptly answer to change an idea to lead way of trilogy of tale

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Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation comes inside close half an year (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, the following abbreviation " Dong Hang " ) because return to base people the look forward to that reach end recombines wait for a series of incident to become public opinion in the center of, aviation channel initiated Sohu to answer to should be not noted to Dong Hang endowment the topic that perhaps recombines, 2572 people participated in a controversy, the person that has 94% among them objects be being noted to Dong Hang endowment perhaps recombine, cast the opinion on public affairs of baleful attack, still have the place that the person that be worth Dong Hang and domestic aviation industry more very much ponders.

Expressing to should be noted to Dong Hang endowment the main viewpoint that perhaps recombines is Dong Hang bears external debt of former northwest aerial to bring about its downhill. And objecting noting endowment or the company system that because Dong Hang is unscientific,considers as in recombining sound, backward management brought about Dong Hang present situation.

Netizen sound

Netizen of a Shanghai expresses: "Dong Hang should be noted endowment, but even infuse talent. The talent is decisive factor. The hope introduces the good talent that get a person with note endowment consider together. Because capital can be to shed nice talented person to use only, give Dong Hang infuse more fund otherwise of no help. Can be suffering a crushing defeat only, be immersed in die out. Be immersed in die out..

Blueness of sword of Sohu community user expressed different point of view: "Should support Dong Hang development to expand, the fact proves 3 oligarch compare double oligarch, double oligarch is smaller than what the forestall of one oligarch comes, it is consumer to greatly meddlesome, cannot see the advantages and disadvantages before only. Cannot see the advantages and disadvantages before only..

"Dong Hang's problem still goes to go up in administrative layer, before long, but Dong Hang's airliner is mixed with percent of punctuality attitude of attending to guests is good and humanness commend, appeared after conformity substantially glide, too regrettablly. In the final analysis: The loss is a country, not be leader individual; Son sells heart of father a surname not to ache ah " Dalian city netizen so express.

The sound of Dong Hang employee

Netizen of a Wuhan - an account in one's own words of employee: "I am the employee of branch of Wuhan of a Donghang, we see a lot of management hole get. Dong Hang a lot of systems are unreasonable the development that restrained a company. A lot of Dong Hang's people are very dissatisfactory to working state, put forward a problem to cannot get take seriously; Do not work to also be no good, work not not as dry as those still, differ with labour chip, plan different project together. For instance; Of the flight be born has a few allowance after 23:30, 25 minutes of be born are done not have (that procrastinates a few minutes) ; Section oily award cannot increase the enthusiasm of air man not as completely as other airline also. Loss of material of boat of machine Wu branch is too big, can repair the boat capable person that can change to change commonly. (bother because of what repair, do not give aircraft division one minute money more again) . Steward, the study that the ground takes staff every months ah attend a meeting ah many, it is to walk along a form not to say to still be done so that play criticize and denounce sb like Culture Revolution completely, the rotate that connects Qin Shi emperor even is made also move with. The cent of a team that if one person asks a sick leave,needs subtract. Logistics department personnel is too much, be over to resemble group of relatives and friends completely, somebody is OK on one day of class, rest 4 days. Boat is fed deserve to carry with reclaim the system is unreasonable, ten eat are fed throwing away for nothing is commonplace. The member that defend ministry safety holds two or more posts concurrently only salary is same. (doing a part-time job is the member that show aviation is safe want to be in charge of doing the work that multiply Wu even to the safety on machine not only) . More some of service fights a landlord in the office even. The leader that sees our Dong Hang again is taking everybody today announce makes a pledge, attend a meeting, say to choose word of official of empty talk conventional phrases; The official that comes above for company of the steward in will pulling a few sky tomorrow is drunk drink small wine; The person hair below acquired command sends passenger opinion to get stuck, ask the satisfaction of 99% is led. (dissatisfactory card was dropped to processing) the Dong Hang that this is now, this machine is not to trade an issue of two spare partses, it is too old, need the big reform of integral mechanism too. Basic level employee of Dong Hang is expecting to change this. Basic level employee of Dong Hang is expecting to change this..
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