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Aviation: Price of prospective aviation kerosene goes situation it is one crucia

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What compare the market is low fan, recently aviation go against however situation go strong, should say, of oil price of the closest international continuously fall after a rise, it is to cause aviation the main factor that goes against city to go strong.

A few days ago, company of domestic each oil plants and aviation transport company receive national hair to change appoint with bureau of Chinese civil aviation (abbreviation " civil aviation bureau " ) the announcement that issues jointly, consider those who purchase cost kerosene of aviation of the 3rd quarter is actual and integrated this year adjust an element, kerosene of aviation of the fourth quarter purchases cost integratedly to adjust it is every tons 7750 yuan, relatively the 3rd quarter reduces 570 yuan every tons, begin to carry out since October 1.

This case of boat oil price is reduced, to home each are a good news undoubtedly for big airline. But, those who need an attention is, although rise from October 1, domestic aviation kerosene purchases cost integratedly to will reduce 570 yuan to reach 7750 yuan by 8320 yuan / ton, compared to the same period last year however still tower above 30% .

We think, if international oil price drops,extent is exceeded anticipate, can drive domestic oil price to drop to the four seasons was spent last year (purchase cost integratedly 5970 yuan / ton) even 3 quarters (purchase cost integratedly 5470 yuan / ton) price level, aviation industry may welcome certain investment opportunity. But, because this is to build,in crude oil blame reason steeps fall on the foundation, because this its opportunity presence is larger,do not decide an element.

Concerned data shows, what international oil price will dropped to 8 months to come on October 6 is new low, oil price of Newyork city field drops greatly 6.07 dollars, close at every pails of 87.81 dollars. Jonathan of manager of division of Asia of capital of energy of He Desen of orgnaization of investment of the sources of energy. Kenafeier is forecasted, a month is counted in future inside, oil price will come in 80 dollars the concussion between 90 dollars. Accordingly, of prospective oil price go situation is right aviation the influence of share price, looking still is a very crucial factor.

From look on the other hand, of passenger transport demand put delay to also will affect aviation of future go situation. 52 when the civil aviation bureau monitors main cities are daily only then hair airliner analysis, because suffer world economy to grow pressure of slow down, inflation, successive natural disaster and price of the sources of energy to involve advanced element,affect, this year 6, 7, will mix August will come 20 days on September 1, civil aviaton passenger volume is negative growth on average. Although the golden week brings certain joyance to airline, but very difficult change appears on the market the outstanding achievement of company annual anticipates.

And from the point of international situation, international aviation carriage association (IATA) those who announce international aviation carriage data will show in August, growth of global aviation traffic has put delay continuously. In addition, although outback fuel Fei Shangmo reduces a plan, but the near future already had the boat outside much home and Hong Kong civil aviaton to reduce fuel surtax in succession. If the airline outside the condition reduces fuel surtax eagerly, also can bring constant pressure to outback airline.
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