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Na Hang rolls out season of wintry spring boat to shift to an earlier date 15 da

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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 15, 2008 message: At present aviation carriage market already was entered off-season, carry the market to stimulate aviation of mobile winter spring, inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, the following abbreviation " Na Hang " ) the new policy that buys a ticket ahead of schedule at releasing season of wintry spring boat recently, the passenger loses privilege according to asking the lowest that buy a ticket can have 2.

The specific content of policy of this freight rate is Na Hang: Take off 15 days in the airliner previously (contain day of make out an invoice, do not contain take off that day, fare of specific flight number inquires with computer eventuate is accurate) the fare that buys a ticket can enjoy privilege of case of 2-5 convert into money. The reporter sees in the computer that sells a system from airline ticket at present, the Beijing airliner November 25 4 fold sell like hot cakes; Shenzhen airliner 3.5 fold; Kunming airliner 5 fold; Chongqing 4.6 fold; Chengdu 3.8 fold; Shanghai Pudong 2.2 fold. Every belongs to viatic date to be on November 1, 2008 - on March 31, 2009, from now on, shift to an earlier date 15 days to buy Na Hang (airliner date with CZ begin) all home (contain international airliner home paragraph; Specific except airliner inquires with computer eventuate is accurate) the passenger of airline ticket of Cheng of one-way, roundtrip, couplet, all can enjoy this privilege price.

The personnel before boat photograph expresses south: Because the favourable airline ticket that buys ahead of schedule is favourable range is big, limitative requirement is relatively accordingly strict, the autograph does not allow to turn after buying this kind of airline ticket, change, return a ticket, the passenger must buy a ticket after the consideration is fair. Additional, the quota of airline ticket of this kind of special offer has restriction, belong to real time trends to sell systematic control, the passenger that decides the journey ahead of schedule should decide a ticket as soon as possible, lest miss good opportunity. The detail can call Na Hang 24 hours to sell service hot line 95539.

(writer unit: Market of boat Xinjiang branch sells an information management room south)

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