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Ying Hang rolls out Beijing Shanghai to go back and forth between London airline

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British airline (British Airways, the following abbreviation " Ying Hang " ) announce, the passenger needs to spend a RMB only 3380 yuan rise, can take World Traveller tourist class to go back and forth between London from Beijing or Shanghai, the ticket is ordered to be able to enjoy this privilege before November 30, 2008.

This one favourable fare does not include airport tax etc to collect fees project, airline ticket period of efficacy is 60 days, do not set return a ticket, apply to set out from Beijing or Shanghai before March 31, 2009, change airline ticket date collects fees every time RMB 1000 yuan. The passenger can order afore-mentioned favourable airline ticket at loginning before November 30.

The passenger that enjoys this privilege still can be headed for from Beijing or Shanghai other one of 6 England cities, include Abaiding, Edinburgh, Gelasige, Mancunian, Niukasier or Jiessie.

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