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Boat Zhengzhou rolls out course of 19 special offer to fly to Beijing to need 21

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It is very cheap that this month goes to Beijing by air, airline ticket wants 210 yuan only.

Will come on October 6 on October 20, inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, the following abbreviation " Na Hang " ) go up in 19 course such as Xiamen, Harbin, Guiyang, Kunming, Chengdu, Beijing, rolled out low to the 3 special offer airline ticket that lose. Zhengzhou -- Xiamen 360 yuan, zhengzhou -- Harbin 600 yuan, zhengzhou -- Kunming 490 yuan, zhengzhou -- Chengdu 330 yuan, zhengzhou -- Beijing 210 yuan.

Airline ticket of special offer of Cheng going there and back sells time longer, arrive to will be bought on December 31 since this day, zhengzhou -- big talk 1040 yuan, zhengzhou -- Guilin 840 yuan.

If you think the local Zhengzhou that go has not arrived directly at an airliner, can wait for other city change trains to Guangzhou. Did not arrive directly at an airliner to the North sea from Zhengzhou for instance, you can take Na Hang Zhengzhou to come to Guangzhou, Guangzhou the change trains airliner of the North sea. Airliner of some change trains still can replace your be economical, for instance Zhengzhou arrives Shan head, nonstop need 1340 yuan, classics Guangzhou wants 740 yuan only to Shan head.

If the airliner of your choice that day cannot change trains, can lodge freely in the airport of change trains one evening.

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