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The United States is produced but fold type 3 dwell plane or make private vehicl

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Graph 1: Exhibit an ala " Icon A5 " plane.

According to the United States " masses science " magazine story, icon aircraft production company (ICON Aircraft) newest released brand-new but fold type individual is small-sized plane " Icon A5 " , 3 dwell use very convenient and terraqueous air, facilitating people goes row. Introduce according to this company, it basically faces private plane market, hope it can make the travel vehicle of people new generation like the car.

This is not true flight car, but after landing, you can arrive home its drawing in, stop in the garage. This is one of first of wing of can automatic fold private planes, its wing can call in slowly on airframe, because this is very convenient,be carried and collect.

Graph 2: "Icon A5 " wing can rotate automatically.

"Icon A5 " those who belong to bureau of American confederative aviation is new-style " light campaign plane " , this kind of plane does not need the attestation process with big long in that way airlines. Accordingly this classifications make icon aircraft production company OK and optional develop fold wing, do not have combustion plumbic petrolic contemporary engine is installed here on new aircraft. Contrary, most private plane uses petrolic having lead vintage engine.

You can carry the simple assessment of athletic pilot driver's license, can this plants actuate new aircraft. And, the training time of this kind of driver's license wants the in part of standard flight driver's license only. "Icon A5 " cab designs continue to use the design of the car, deserve to have confuse your appearance and GPS navigation system, can make the airlines drives more easily. The design of its wing also decreased as far as possible to stop the danger that turn.

Graph 3: "Icon A5 " plane wing is all fold.

"Icon A5 " predict to be in this summer is formal put on sale, price 139 thousand dollar, highest flight distance is 3048 meters, top speed can be achieved horary 224 kilometers, the ala exhibits 9.7 meters. When you need not when, its both wings but fold is packed up, with convenient park, at the same time it still can use as aeroboat.

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