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England develops new self-healing system to help rehabilitate of prospective pla

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Graph 1: New system can help rehabilitate of prospective plane ego.

According to the United States " life science " report, the process that the ego that the new system follow the lead of that British scientist expresses this week to they are developed discovers in nature cures, the rehabilitate of flying function ego that makes be damaged, also can accomplish when the flight even, this will make voyage safety appears to be broken through revolutionarily.

This method is very simple, let colophony arrive by requirement infiltration namely in appointing break. This can be helped not only make a more safe aircraft, still conduce to the plane with more light production, mix with economic fuel reduce cost, still can reduce those who bring about the greenhouse gas with calefacient whole world to discharge at the same time.

The Situoer in the British cloth that is in charge of this research heart of Bonn of Yi favour · says the material scientist of the university: "Every pails of whirlwind rises oil 130 dollars, if you can take part in a battle with light packs can be economical. If you can take part in a battle with light packs can be economical..

The plane classics regular meeting that sets sail everyday suffers damage, accordingly a lot of research can remove the self-healing material of attaint in research and development. Design contemporarily now the help people development gives can the new-style plane of ego rehabilitate comes, end the repairman with onerous airport to make. Bonn heart expresses, the crucial technology of the system that they can help plane ego rehabilitate is empty fiber traditional Chinese clothes carry epoxy resin and stiffening agent. This kind of conduit is OK inside each place of park plane, include airframe, wing and tail, should appear when any burst, the material in conduit can flow into attaint to be in, mend any broken rift. This rehabilitate material can regain the original strength of 80-90% , enough lets a plane achieve good performance.

Graph 2: Bury establish to be in carbon fiber aggrandizement is plastic medium empty fibre glass can ego rehabilitate plane.

This process as cut scabby and same. When we cut ourselves, plaque is with respect to assemble collect all round cut hemostatic, begin to promote heal. The principle of system of Bonn heart self-healing and this is similar. To distinguish somewhat, they are in this colophony interfuse dye, so that let the caustic disadvantage of repair can present a chromatic patch to come, descend in the plane thereby when farther detailed overhaul is being done after the ground, the member that can let repair discovers the place of ego rehabilitate easily. If be necessary, the member that repair still can undertake comprehensive overhaul. This kind of dye looks not to come out below common light, just show its color below ultraviolet light only. Bonn heart expresses, this system will be one kind repairs complement and not be the routine that replaces convention overhaul and maintain. Routine overhaul can discover bigger damage, bump the heavy havoc that cause by machine bird for instance.
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