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17 kilometers speed per hour flies to exceed civil aviaton plane in sky of Swiss

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The feat that believes this flying person created the new record that independent flight is apart from.

Ge Jinsi checks at present to ever had tried a series of bold flights all over the world, the equestrian spy flood peak that includes to fly across Swiss the Alps (Matterhorn) with Mexico wave of wave of the 2nd height blocks Tepeite volcanic (Popocatepetl) .

Graph 4: On June 3, 2008, switzerland flies Ge Jinsi of the · in person blame checks at present to take a picture accept as a souvenir. Later, garment of his dress flight jumps down on the plane of a parachute from inside 4500 meters of headroom, fly across Ireland on the west the coast, completed independent flight the feat of 17 kilometers, when using, return than civil aviaton plane little.

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