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Plan of company of Japanese abundant field develops plane flight battery before

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Xinhua net Beijing on June 15 special telegram: Japanese Feng Tian Motor Corporation announced a few days ago, will begin the new generation batteries that function of research and development exceeds lithium ion batteries, yield in order to be born can do the electric car that accuses freely like fuel car.

According to Japan " daily news " report, president of Feng Tian Motor Corporation crosses Bian Jiezhao 11 days to be held in Tokyo " forum of abundant cropland environment " on announced afore-mentioned plans. To promote the research and development of new generation batteries, abundant field company will in June the last ten-day of a month is in east Fuji institute sets newly " batteries research department " . This research department is comprised by personnel of 50 research and development at first, 100 people add after 2010.

Abundant field company shows, strive to develop the battery that can let a plane fly before 2030.

Report, compare with fuel car photograph, the carbon dioxide discharge capacity of the electric car of dynamoelectric and motor drive is very little. However, below existing batteries technology, the travel space that electric car fills report is limited. If succeed to give out new generation batteries, can change all cars electric car.

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