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Oil price is urged move development of aviation new fuel to replace fuel variabl

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Increasingly rising international oil price and fuel are discharged in the carbon dioxide in atmosphere, the attention that already caused international boat to carry association for nothing --

"Future inside 10 years, our business uses biology aviation fuel with flying opportunity, replace traditional aviation fuel with the part. " in the office building that is like Dusipusi in Brazilian emperor, company of Brazilian aviation industry concerns external a chief an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions Hemu Fulei discloses to the reporter, at present this company is studying the plane uses the feasibility of alcohol fuel extensively.

Not thunder expresses, increasingly rising international oil price and fuel are discharged mediumly in atmosphere, already caused international boat to carry the attention of association for nothing; It is those who reduce carbon dioxide to discharge, the effect that awaits in order to reduce greenhouse effect compatibly to global zoology, many countries all participated in international aviation to carry association to aim to reduce the agreement that carbon arranges.

Stem from cost and the consideration that decrease a platoon, aviation manufacturing industry also begins to seek a kind more effective, can reduce pollution replace fuel, replace the aviation fuel of existing tradition. Statistical data shows, the material such as water of the carbon dioxide that every kilogram kerosene can discharge a 3.15 kilogram, 1.24 kilogram and sulfur of 1 gram oxidation.

High oil price causes aviation to replace fuel development

New York time on May 23 afternoon 14:51, international oil price is again strong new tall. The futures of light qualitative crude that new York business hands in place to will deliver the goods in June rises in price 1.38 dollars, knock every pails of 132.19 dollars continuously. And trade afore day, pan Zhongceng of international oil price touchs every pails of 135.09 dollars are new tall. London the North sea the crude oil futures that Bulunte will deliver the goods in July rises 1.06 dollars, sign up for every pails of 131.57 dollars. Much home is cast increase oil price to anticipate in succession all right, and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries criterion again and again " minatory " , international oil price can rise probably to every pails of 200 dollars.

Although Europe admire overcomes the oldest oil to produce a country,the Saudi Arabia announces, begin to increase its oil yield from June to everyday 300 thousand pails, but face the unbalance situation between global demand and supply, short-term inside oil price appears hard skid continues to involve excel in situation. Accompany international oil price ceaseless refresh, the whole world began new round of development that replaces fuel and application.

"Why cannot biology fuel apply at aviation fuel immediately? Its reason is us all the time place of research centre of gravity. " not thunder tells our newspaper the reporter, although biology fuel wants the far oilstone that compare stone to change fuel to produce fewer pollution, but whether apply very quickly on aviation flight, still need to use the result decision after biology fuel according to aircraft system test and verify.
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