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Deep boat releases home other people of promotion of system of the most advanced

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Shenzhen aviation limited company releases home system of freight of the most advanced roc, the improvement with this comprehensive system speed of feedback of news of the accuracy that the sex of ground goods safeguard of old freight system, business operates, goods. On May 16, the reporter learns from news briefing of system of freight of Shenzhen aviation roc.

Roc freight system is home system of the most advanced freight

Introduce according to Liu Zhixuan of chief inspector of deep boat information, roc freight system is the system that home accords with standard of international of freight line of business the first times completely, this system is deep boat and cooperation of company of fast of Shanghai carry nimble, shirt-sleeve and current the system of new generation freight that all sorts of advanced science and technology and business flow develop international, country, also be connection of construction of plan of Chinese civil aviaton the early days that each airline system, airport and the neutral with acting goods sell terrace works. The system used brand-new design pattern, average freight system depart becomes sale system and ground operating system two subsystem that move independently. The system used the bar code of domestic initiate and PDA technology, what can realize carry weak data and manifest data is trouble-free butt joint, share through information make client, procuratorial, the airport 3 person organic union, form interactive.

Improve old freight system in the round

As we have learned, the improvement with roc freight comprehensive system speed of feedback of news of the accuracy that the sex of ground goods safeguard of old freight system, business operates, goods. Efficiency respect is ensured in ground goods, deserve to carry information to type systematic link to be with goods exemple, every airliner from 15 former minutes, shorten for 10 minutes, with everyday Shenzhen leaves a port 70 airliners computation, average everyday 5.8 hours of; are in spare time the accuracy rate side that business handles, the between associated project logic in adopting the system that make sheet is checked, if the purpose stands to be planted with article of network unit, money,expend the associated and close together project such as rate with freight rate, rely on the logistic examination of systematic tiring-room, undertake to wrong operation give a warning hints, raised the accuracy rate that business manipulates considerably thereby, it is in order to make single mistake exemple, after the line on roc freight system, will before the rate of the accident that make sheet of 0.15% falls point-blank 0.072% ; In respect of career of goods news feedback, before the line on new system, the information of means feedback goods that deep boat uses artificial record, cannot affirmatory feedback time, after using goods of PDA spot check now, the one inside the hour feedback after deep boat can take off to client acceptance airliner, efficiency raises 30% above.
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