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Beautiful like flyer Switzerland " rocket person " fly across a the Alps

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Graph 1: On May 14, 2008, luo Xi of · of husband of Swiss person Yi drives jet-propelled wing has flown the Alps area that Swiss Bei Kesi presses down in the sky. That day, luo Xi of Yi husband · drives self-restrained jet-propelled wing flew 5 minutes, highest the headroom that flies to many meters 2000, and with horary the speed of 300 kilometers is in the Alps in the sky circle. It is reported, luo Xi and his sponsor invested a large number of time and franc of 300 thousand Switzerland to develop this aircraft (285 thousand dollar) . Xinhua News Agency / the law is new

Be called " rocket person " Swiss adventurer Luo Xi of Yi husband · (Yves Rossy) finish a breathtaking challenge 14 days: He relies on a pair of airfoil of 4 small-sized reaction engines " wing " flew across a the Alps successfully, become the first support " flight motivation ala " the person that flies across a the Alps.

Shuang Yi contains 4 engine

According to the report, be Luo Xi of · of adventurer Yi husband is Swiss international airline (Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. ) a pilot. Swiss army was joined when Luo Xi is 20 years old, had accepted pilot training of two years. After retiring, he was become in Swiss airline again old air man. Nevertheless, luo Xi is inherent however adventruous motion, had attended 1500 for many times the motion such as headroom parachute. But he is not contented to this, develop gave a kind special " flight motivation ala " -- airfoil of type of a pair of fold " wing " .

Graph 2: On May 14, 2008, jump of Luo Xi of · of husband of Swiss person Yi jumps to strap Tesi Bote from the skin type plane, be about to drive jet-propelled wing has flown the Alps area of Swiss shellfish Ke Sizhen in the sky. Associated press picture, photography: Laurent Gillieron

It is reported, his design makes " flight motivation ala " appearance special the wing that resembles a plane, 2.6 meters wide, make an appointment with 50 kilograms again, it waits by metal, fibre glass form, of engine of 4 small-sized jet-propelled. The helmet that still has form a complete set in addition and defend the garment.

Be in early 2004, luo Xi uses this successfully to be opposite first " wing " flew, be in Switzerland in the sky stayed 4 minutes. This action makes he becomes the first true " volant " volitant person, also let him get " rocket person " and " jet flying person " title.

Fly across a the Alps the first person

On May 14, luo Xi of Yi husband · launchs a breathtaking challenge again -- wear " flight motivation ala " fly across a the Alps.

That day morning, luo Xi takes the Piletesi Bote that produces by Switzerland above all (Pilatus Porter) type plane rises 2500 meters of headroom, jump next jump out plane, use " flight motivation ala " glide arrives 2300 meters of height. Subsequently, luo Xi is ignited " flight motivation ala " engine, quicken speed per hour 300 kilometers left and right sides, from the Alps peak very quickly and over- .
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