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Industry of aviation of success of trial flight of plane of first hydrogen batte

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Graph: Came in Feburary 2008 in March, boeing company in Spain Aokaniya presses down successful trial flight 3 times the small-sized plane that cell of fuel of a hydrogen is dynamical source.

On April 3, 2008, boeing company announces, cell of fuel of hydrogen of this company successful trial flight is a of dynamical source small-sized plane.

Boeing company official says, this is in the world still belong to on aviation history first, future of adumbrative aviation industry more environmental protection. Dan Bo sound admits, this one technology provides main power unlikelily for air bus.

100 kilometers flew to speed per hour 20 minutes

Officer of Boeing company presiding technology writings brush · spy Lei Xi is located in the research center that Aokaniya presses down Spain 3 days to say in the company about, test-fly will come to will undertake 3 times in abstruse card Ni Yazhen in March this year in Feburary, successful trial flight has historical sense.

Small-sized plane takes off the mixture electric power that reachs climb process to use traditional batteries and hydrogenous fuel cell to offer. Climb comes altitude after height of 1000 meters of cruise, the plane cuts off traditional batteries power source, rely on hydrogenous fuel cell to provide power only.

The plane is in 1000 meters of altitude flight about 20 minutes, speed per hour makes an appointment with 100 kilometers.

Teleixi says, this one skill is great to Boeing company meaning, the future that also lets aviation industry " be full of green hope " .

Do not produce noise and greenhouse gas

Small-sized plane by Austria " diamond " (Diamond) glider of two-seater airscrew motivation changes his costume or dress and become, proton was installed to exchange velar fuel inside the plane batteries and lithium ion batteries. Those who be located in Spanish capital Madrid " Boeing (Europe) research and technology " the ministry is in charge of change one's costume or dress and experimenting.

Small-sized plane ala exhibits 16.3 meters, airframe is 6.5 meters long, make an appointment with 800 kilograms again, can hold two people. In test-fly process, there is air man only on machine one person.

Inside engine room, traditional batteries is put go up at only passenger place, air man backside has the aerobic jar that a similar diver uses. Boeing company says, this airlines flies continuously time is the 45 minutes longest, "Won't produce any noise " .

"Boeing is developing product of environmental protection aviation actively " , "Boeing (Europe) research and technology " Francisco Aisikadi says department chief, "' fuel cell demonstrates a plane to plan ' ... it is we obtain evolutional in environmental protection domain hard paradigmatic, also be the affirmation of spirit of pair of our group innovation. Also be the affirmation of spirit of pair of our group innovation..

Hydrogenous fuel cell passes hydrogenous translate into the process of water produces electricity, do not produce greenhouse gas. Outside dividing quantity of heat, vapor is the exclusive by-product that hydrogenous fuel cell produces.
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