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France is made luxurious " flight hotel "   10 days but annulus swims the whole

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Graph 1: Company of heart of French horse all alone and office of research of French country aeroboat are being designed jointly and make " man-made cloud " sketch map of super aeroboat exterior.

Company of heart of French horse all alone (Massaud) study the office with French country aeroboat (French National Office Of Airship Research) be being designed jointly and make a kind be called " man-made cloud " (Manned Cloud) super aeroboat, this super aeroboat looks to resemble the whale that is a flight from the appearance, it uses helium to enrage motivation, can carry 15 unit staff and 40 passengers to swim in 10 days of core the whole world. Aeroboat of this strange unreal is just like is class of a 5 stars " flight hotel " , because an an a 20 bedrooms, dining hall, library, lounge is owned above it, still have a gymnasium even!

As 5 stars class " flight hotel " have 20 guest room 2 layers in all

According to the report, all the time since, the vehicle photograph such as the plane with breathtaking oil of as tremendous as noise, bad news is compared, the aeroboat in sky by accepted humanness kind future most the zoology trip fashion of environmental protection. Begin from 2005, company of heart of French horse all alone and office of research of French country aeroboat begin to be designed jointly and make a kind be called " man-made cloud " super aeroboat, this aeroboat looks like a big whale from the appearance, it makes an appointment with 52 meters about 213 meters longly, about 82 meters widely, high, can one-time carry 15 unit staff and 40 passengers!

Look from the exterior, it very white like whale, but more big like American science fiction " group of aircraft of white partridge god " medium " Lei Diao 2 " rescuing plane, nevertheless its utility is not is to come to help. "Man-made cloud " interior design is very luxurious, have everything that one expects to find of all sorts of recreational recreation establishment: One sets dining-room, library, gym; 2 set 20 guest room, communal space sets view scene window, hot spring and barroom. Passengers are just as place oneself " flight hotel " , admire the scenery outside 6000 meters of headroom to the top of one's bent.

Graph 2: "Man-made cloud " (Manned Cloud) establishment of super aeroboat interior is luxurious, flatlet of the president in just like sky.

Speed per hour is as high as 169 kilometers 10 days can annulus swims the world

According to Masuode company spokesman says, "Man-made cloud " aeroboat will use helium gas to become motive force, it by hind a tremendous screw iron roll is driven, at the same time it also has the propeller of two front ground, can make it perpendicular thereby take off. "Man-made cloud " the top speed of aeroboat can be achieved horary 105 miles (169 kilometers) , its common cruise speed also can be achieved horary 81 miles (130 kilometers) the left and right sides, this means it to need time on the flower 10 days only, can annulus swims world circuit.
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