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Zhang Bo 200 million spent every day visiting the given ticket Liu Cailian

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Taiwan Flower Expo two hundredth million draw from the six-year-old residents in Datong District, Taipei Chang Liu Cailian drawn the most awards. Liu reporter / photographer Taiwan Flower Expo last ten eleven million people broke the first two million before and after admission were a thousand people all prizes. , Datong District, Taipei City residents six-year-old Zhang Liu Cailian drawn the most awards, the value of forty thousand yuan scored destinations in Asia Double Open tickets and "navigate the five main" pass, as the focus of audience. "Cheong Hang five main" passes, free unlimited admission to the dream line up to five hot House Museum. Chang Liu Cailian called Friends of the Expo, she is a housewife who lives near Chongqing North Road in Taipei City, home is only ten minutes from the Expo, Taipei City Works, Mr Zhang Chenghui are retired civil servants, they have bought all the Expo during the vote, almost daily stroll. She said yesterday that the Expo is about to break the two million people, specifically to try their luck, they unexpectedly drawn the most awards, "I'm glad!" But did not think of where to play, like the whole band during her two thousand five hundred tickets available cheap shopping for six months, it is worth it. Hua Boyuan area yesterday with a "round laughing," celebrating the breaking of two million, distributed more than two cups of hot coffee, there are one thousand one thousand lilies and limited edition commemorative Kuka. When the last payment of one thousand to two million lucky draw coupons, in addition to the first prize, a total of four votes during the whole ballot, and another five people drawn Flower Expo souvenirs, and other nine hundred and ninety people receive each child. Flower Bo Yong said the total production of tin spawned last month forty-seven thousand visitors per day, but actually more than a million people this month, a conservative estimate would be exceeded three million New Year's day trips will be combined with code, award a small prize to upgrade all .
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