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Remained low in the low season ticket lowest airline 240 can fly in Shenzhen

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Air off-season, the recent overall decline of domestic ticket prices. Yesterday (5), the reporter visited the major airlines learned early December to mid-Guiyang route most of the lowest fares departing in 3 fold. It is understood that the small off-season tourism as a time when, with the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games and other major event ended, hot air routes have remained low. Present important business routes in addition to Beijing and Xiamen, Sanya Dong You popular route, the other domestic routes are mostly below 3 off the price. December to New Year's basically you can buy cheap tickets, Guiyang to Shanghai and Guangzhou, the fare is almost the lowest this year. Guiyang outbound flights fares from the current situation, the next week to Beijing, Guiyang, 3.5-fold the minimum 600 yuan can buy discount tickets, Guiyang, Guangzhou, 2.5-fold to 220 yuan to 240 yuan in Shenzhen 2.5-fold. Reporter learned from the ticket outlets, in order to enjoy more benefits, but also to eat ahead of time "assurance", some people have started to plan New Year's Day reservations, air tickets during the Spring Festival. According to reports, during the Spring Festival discount tickets generally do not have much, but basically can be booked in advance to book tickets, in general, can be concerned about one month in advance, the latest book in advance to begin 14-20 days round trip ticket. The longer the advance purchase discount the greater the chance, usually "30 days" to buy than the "15 days" a lower discount tickets, and in the 10 days prior to departure, generally do not have low pre-sale ticket sales discounts . To remind staff, such as travel plans during the spring of visitors, the best tickets in advance.
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