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Kunming airport on international flights for the first time exceeded 1 million

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23 am, with the Vientiane flights to Kunming's QV817 landed safely in Kunming Airport, Kunming airport, international flights for the first time this year exceeded 10,000 vehicles a day. Kunming Airport relevant person in charge said that the current direct Kunming Airport has opened in Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore and other 19 countries and regions, 31 international routes. Deadline November 23, Kunming airport passenger port clearance Exceeded 100 million passengers, exceeded 1 million per flight, an increase of 30.01%, respectively, 31.32%, record high. According to reports, in recent years, with the strategy and the Yunnan province Yunnan Airlines "bridgehead" for implementation of the strategy, entry and exit points at Kunming airport routes, flights and passenger traffic to grow rapidly. In 2007, the Kunming airport has opened a number of International direct routes, the number of first time entry and exit ports 100 million people. 2010, the Kunming airport opened in Dubai, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and other routes, ports and traffic entry and exit soaring flight, the average monthly Entry flight to 1120 vehicles, passenger traffic reached 8.5 million.
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