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Winter and spring quarter of Shanghai Civil Aviation Air Express 15 minutes

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Date :2010-11-12 Author: Source: Oriental Morning Post This month, the Civil Aviation into the winter flight season, the civil aviation authorities in addition to the route continue to increase the Shanghai airport, flights, adjust the rest of the capital city's airport departure "rhythm" and opened up more than three years, the Beijing-Shanghai Express, finally from the "Every hour shift," "every half an hour," the transition to the "every 15 minutes sending a group of" ideal conditions. The original route, such as A320 and other 150-class "small aircraft" is being wider, bigger, more comfortable A330, B777 and other can hold 300 people to replace the large wide-body aircraft. There are adjustments to other capital cities Shanghai flights layout, press inquiries was informed that Singapore Airlines season, the Shanghai-Guangzhou route in the morning and evening peak in a frequency of every 15 minutes, while at other times, flight density of 1 hour intervals ; route from Shanghai to Xi'an, once every 1-2 hour intervals can be achieved, and the flight time of most of the hour; route from Shanghai to Harbin, compared with a frequency of every 45 minutes.
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