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Air passengers allowed to purchase adult discount tickets children

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WASHINGTON According to the "Chengdu Business Daily" reported that the major airlines in recent years, repeatedly throws 5 fold below the low discount tickets to attract passengers. But no matter how the price of adult tickets, "diving", children are always set at half-price tickets, tickets for children resulting in more expensive adult ticket is inversely proportional to the strange phenomenon. But yesterday, a reporter from the SASAC official Web site, SASAC published letters of appreciation in recognition of 5 off Air China take the initiative to break the "old rules", introduced to children less than 5 ticket discount. According to Air China to concerned parties, the provisions of Air China, the lowest in the adult ticket fare less than 5 fold, to allow children to buy adult fare passenger ticket, and in accordance with the class corresponding to the minimum adult fare pay the fare, and children are no longer in accordance with 50 votes % discount rate tickets; and when the adult ticket price is higher than actual sales 5 fold, the child ticket price is in accordance with the benchmark 50% of the purchase. At the same time, all the child tickets will be free airport construction fee. Air China for none other measures on children, the reporter learned that China Southern, China Eastern Airlines and other companies are cashing in, none other measures similar to the basic and Air China.
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