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Boat will open the country Beijing goes back and forth between an airliner to Ka

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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 26, 2008 message: Plan give an official according to airliner of winter of bureau of Chinese civil aviation, inc. of China International aviation (Air China Limited, the following abbreviation " country boat " ) will enlightened on October 27 Beijing -- Urumqi -- Kalaji goes back and forth between an airliner.

The Beijing that boat opens the country -- Urumqi -- Kalaji goes back and forth between an airliner by airbus A319 plane hold fly, airliner date is CA945/6, on every week one, Zhou Si is carried out. Hour of specific flight number is: Beijing 18:20 take off, 22:2Arrive at Urumqi 5 minutes, urumqi 23:2Take off 5 minutes, 01:4 of morrow before dawn0 arrive at Kalaji; 02:40 take off from Kalaji, 08:40 arrive at Urumqi, 09:40 rise from Urumqi, 13:25 arrive at Beijing, time of the flight in sky makes an appointment with 4 hours. Above all is local time. After November, be born is Kalaji quarter times 00:40, takeoff hour is 01:40.

As we have learned, kalaji is located in ministry of northwest of Indian river delta, be close to Arabia sea, it is Pakistan the biggest city and the biggest harbour and naval port, it is countrywide industry and commerce, commerce and financial center, also be the international air terminal of come-and-go southeast Asia and middle east, Africa, Europe.

(writer unit: Group of? of land   ) moving command center)

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