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In buying a ticket to smoke through Na Hang website, large award can go to grace

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From yesterday (24) come since day on December 31, inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, the following abbreviation " Na Hang " ) the website is rolled out " buy Na Hang airline ticket to see Ying Chaoman couplet " lottery activity, the passenger that participates in an activity has an opportunity to obtain graceful couplet advocate ticket of field match ball or other graceful couplet gift.

As we have learned, come since October 24 on December 31, the passenger logs onto of Na Hang website, buy Na Hang first-class stateroom cabin or official cabin airline ticket and embark on a journey actually, can join Ying Chaojiang group graceful wing the lottery of match ball ticket. The lucky passenger of the first prize in smoking, will obtain give two Zhang Man couplet advocate ticket of field match ball, the Guangzhou that still will obtain Na Hang freely to offer at the same time goes back and forth between airline ticket to Paris, reach the United States inferior the free Europe communication that property insurance limited company provides and board and lodging, passenger of convenient win a prize in a lottery is headed for watch graceful wing the match.

In addition, during this website of entry Na Hang buys tourist class airline ticket and the passenger that embarks on a journey actually, also can join other praise lottery, lucky passenger will be obtained give graceful through traffic to move coat, graceful through traffic to use the gift such as the bag.

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