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Country spaceflight ferry warmth hints change garments according to the season o

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According to civil aviaton scheduling, annual the last Sunday October begins second year March the last implement plan of wintry spring airliner on Saturday, this year the specific time of airliner change garments according to the season is to came on October 26, 2008 on March 28, 2009, after wintry spring change garments according to the season is adjusted, inc. of China International aviation (Air China Limited, the following abbreviation " country boat " ) the density that will throw plane of 8 Boeing series to increase business affairs line in Tianjin, added Tianjin newly -- Hangzhou -- Xiamen, Tianjin -- Chengdu -- Kunming goes back and forth between an airliner. Of new line enlightened will shorten the distance between the city is outspread the life radius of Tianjin citizen. The passenger seizes the opportunity to should notice the following during boat season is alternant:

1, check seriously airport of a travel airliner, hour, destination; Because be aimed at some course, airline will change operation time according to market demand or the change is nodded via stopping. The airliner of sea of flying upgrade of ferry of the spaceflight that be like a country and Guangzhou everyday 3; Added Tianjin newly -- Hangzhou -- Xiamen course, every week one, 3, 6 go there and back; Tianjin -- Chengdu -- Kunming is daily and roundtrip; Tianjin goes to Shenzhen early, there is a flight number midday, among them CA1397 airliner everyday early at 8 o'clock 15 take off from Tianjin, CA1319 scheduled flight is daily 13:50 set out, have 1371 flight numbers additionally, every week 2, 4, 5, day 11:50 flights. The passenger goes out weather situation had better understand before travel, mist of ice and snow of wintry spring section, rain, measure the weather such as wind to be met the effect that causes different level to the airliner. Notable is the weather besides starting station, it is normal that the weather situation of air route weather and destination affects a flight number likely.

2, spaceflight ferry branch had opened the country opportunity of the value on the net and professional work of self-help value engine, the passenger can get online oneself choose a place, the paper that use A4 is printed seize the opportunity after the proof crosses Tianjin seaside International Airport to install check directly, arrive board the plane the mouth boards the plane; After also can reaching the airport, with self-help value engine system is dealt with seize the opportunity formalities, saved effectively wait machine time.

3, the guest that takes a plane cannot reach liquid state article with carrying cutting tool inside baggage, ask area of moving Li Li cannot cutting tool of carry secretly control, caustic and poisonous reach radioactivity material. Be worth what carry is lighter in baggage and consign a Lilidou to be able to be not carried; No matter cosmetic is of liquid state cream of shape still is gelatinous total volume exceeds 100 milliliter to must be consigned.

4, Tianjin seaside International Airport already ingoing new site, entry of new boat station building is set it is on ferry Chinese highway, had opened the line of class of 5 passenger transport that seaside new developed area reachs to lead to building of new boat station inside Tianjin city at present. The passenger heads for the element that mature journey change and weather want before new airport seizes the opportunity, lest because by accident machine cause needless trouble and pecuniary loss.
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