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Flight number of share of airliner of spring of 27 days of executive winters adj

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Airport of mountain of port of Linyi wash one's hair (abbreviation " Linyi airport " ) airliner of season of wintry Chun Hang will be carried out to plan since October 27, type of partial flight number and hour will undertake adjustment.

According to introducing, since October 27, linyi airport will carry out airliner of season of wintry spring boat to plan, takeoff time of Beijing airliner Linyi by 9:50 adjust for 10:40; Hold the Inc. of Chinese Oriental aviation that flying Linyi reachs Shanghai (China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited) airliner (every week one, 3, 5, day) with Shanghai aviation Inc. (Shanghai Airlines Co. , ltd) airliner (every week 2, 4, 6) Linyi takeoff time all is adjusted for 19:10.

Linyi comes Zhou Yi of instead of airliner of Chongqing, Dalian, 3, 6 operation, linyi is adjusted to Chongqing takeoff hour for 20:55; Linyi is adjusted to Dalian takeoff hour for 18:05; Also have to the hour of the airliner such as Xi'an, power sea in addition adjust, linyi citizen can seek advice from center of ticket of carry out of Linyi civil aviaton 24 hours to serve a phone: 9600777 or each are big inside city booking office.

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