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High speed of Beijing capital airport gives Beijing direction to execute round-t

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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 25, 2008 message: Conference of head of the 7th Asia-Europe will be in Beijing 25 numbers to hold at will arriving October 24. Come from Asia-Europe the head of 40 many countries and organization already at yesterday (24) day arrives at Beijing in succession. The national head of state that will attend meeting of this second Asia-Europe head and summit number were achieved all previous most.

Each delegacy reachs Asia-Europe head meeting centrally, during leaving capital, the branch that make a valve will inspect a circumstance to be opposite Beijing capital International Airport (abbreviation " capital airport " ) the freeway is adopted temporarily one-way traffic control. Before reminding a passenger to had done a travel seek advice, prevent to delay the journey.

On October 25 16 when come 30 minutes 23 when, on October 26 8 when come 30 minutes 20 when the social car that heads for capital airport (except of regular bus of civil aviaton passenger, bus) : By Beijing bear Huang Gang exports the freeway or exit of airport north line parts to reach capital airport via the line austral the airport, airport north line station building of date and 3 one date, 2 boat; By east the 2nd freeway reachs airport of classics of bridge of one-storey house of 5 annulus region capital airport date and 3 one date, 2 boat stand building.

Gao of 5 yuan of 4 yuan of 3 yuan of bridges, bridges, Dashanzi, bridges, north gives airport freeway Beijing direction entrance closes temporarily, social car is circuitous Beijing by the way or airport side road.

Since October 16, capital airport greeted afterwards again " 11 " the height of another passenger flow after the golden week, partial area airline ticket is more nervous, hope to choose to give the passenger of travel to order airline ticket ahead of schedule by plane, choose regular bus of civil aviaton passenger as far as possible, prepare abundant time to arrive at the airport to deal with seize the opportunity formalities, lest delay your journey.

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