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Mao Zedong peddles on street of private plane Zhuhai be about to look for additi

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In Zhuhai day east square park Mao Zedong private plane of 9 years, should look for additionally again " new home " .

This about 46 meters long, about two layer buildings retire high private plane, it is England produces trident plane. Our country air force was the same as model plane from 3 when Pakistan imports 1969, allocate Mao Zedong, Lin Biao and the Central Military Commission and the State Council, it is besides that crash that allocates Lin Biao outside Mongolia, other all enlists in army twice come to just retired 1986. Among them Mao Zedong's private plane, after retiring, place all the time in Beijing on the west outskirt airport, after by Zhuhai the group purchased Ridongji 1999, serve as all the time collect article put in day east square.

"This plane goes to Zhuhai when fortune, ever was used as our group to run the office of the layer and assembly room. " Wang Zhilei of general manager of round limited company says Ridongji, its make over decision general to be lifted helplessly therefore nowadays, day east square already became flourishing busy shopping center, the plane resembles no longer in those days marked in that way, add park plane to cover an area of bigger, requirement of a lot of businessmen moves the plane additionally his ground, in order to vacate more parking space.

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