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Beautiful southwest (of Southwest) airline do laugh at cabin broadcast

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Net of civil aviaton resource on September 15, 2008 message: American southwest airline (Southwest Airlines) all along with cabin atmosphere relaxed and famed, sat a few times recently their airliner, the cabin beamed that discovers them has recreational value very much truly, steward can be developed freely, add inflammatory details to, passenger laugh pours. Stick a few me to be written down first, the welcome follows post.

Safety demonstrates

"Now, ask everybody to give us a few minutes your attention. I know you is old by air, safety demonstrates to had looked a lot of times. But, with my a group cabin steward XX is mixed today XX, it is this year the bikini young woman of southwest aviation calendar, the safety that does not see them demonstrates, you are met very those who regret. After waiting for next demonstrating that end, the contact when need buys calendar to ask what they sign to deplane please they. The contact when need buys calendar to ask what they sign to deplane please they..

Aerobic face guard

"In case cabin is broken pressure, aerobic face guard can drop from the top of head. . . . (skip normal oxygen face guard broadcasts) the person that if you are mixed,need helps, for instance child, the husband (laugh) travel together, wear aerobic veil to oneself first please, help others again. If you and two children travel together, cough! Do not know your brains has trouble, don't you know to bring two children by air very painstaking? Don't you know to bring two children by air very painstaking??

Ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade

"According to federal statute, this second airliner prohibits smoking in the round. If you must smoke, after waiting for next takeoff please, safety belt indicator light goes out, pilot is shut prohibit smoking after indicator light, go smoking to the outside (laugh) . Go smoking to the outside (laugh) ..

"Forbidden smoke in toilet and destroy smoke detector and camera, destroy smoke detector to will be in with 2000 dollars amerce reachs federal penalty. Camera? Yes, we have camera, or what does everybody see without system of the entertainment on machine? (The passenger laughs) "

Receive rubbish

"Well-known, our southwest aviation has the multiplying with entire the most outstanding industry Wu personnel, regrettablly they do not go up in this plane today. So, etc issue you to see we are taking rubbish bag to walk over, had better hand over rubbish self-consciously come, not when we want to you. (the passenger laughs again) "


The plane drops level, encounter air current, drop urgently downward. "The safety belt that asks each passenger him examination has been firm, pilot is worn urgently come home. Pilot is worn urgently come home..


Plane be born, the airport is very big, glided for ages to still do not have boat station. "Ask each passenger to had sat, fasten good safety belt, our plane glides for some time even. To the passenger of Denver, wait for next pilot to attend a meeting the plane to city zone time to let you go down. Go the passenger of Washington DC, pilot can open you all the time so in the past. Pilot can open you all the time so in the past..
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