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280 parents child is about to challenge tug-of-war of the airport man-machine th

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Tokyo becomes field International Airport (Tokyo Narita International Airport, abbreviation " the airport that become field " ) the tug-of-war contest that will hold a break fresh ground on September 15: Collect the pupil that come and parent to wait from the network in all the Boeing 777-300ER plane that 280 people challenge hefts about 250 tons.

The plane makes an appointment with 74 meters endlong, there are 3 ropes on the wheel of nose and both wings. The match challenges a plane first by children at first. Obtain on project of Olympic Games judo 3 Lian Guan's Yecunzhonghong uses dizi blow begun signal. Cry by the side of everybody " just a little 3, cheer " , curved waist pulls string desperately by the side of, but plane absolutely still.

Later, parents are joined come in, plane ability in a way moved to count rice. Immediately, people attacks a palm to cheer. The elementary school that comes from 1000 leaves city Jiang Chang of Ku of 2 grade student is big pie-eyed say: "The hand is very painful, see the plane was moved really astonied. See the plane was moved really astonied..

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