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An empty elder sister of familial and genetic infrequent quite ill United States

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Because suffer from a kind of infrequent heredity to blame disease, the United States nots the empty elder sister of auspicious Ni Yazhou thanks graceful heart of beauty of beautiful Er · to do not have any dactylogram inherently unexpectedly! Because do not have dactylogram, the job that gives her and life bring the trouble that a large number of expect are less than. And in beautiful graceful De Jiazhong, the officer father dactylogram besides her is normal outside, family person also does not have dactylogram! It is reported, beautiful graceful heart is the only on the world is foregone those who contract this kind of strange disease is familial, and of the whole world " without dactylogram person " add up to does not exceed 20!

It is reported, one kind suffers from when beautiful graceful heart is born the name is " skin disease of meshy pigment sex " (DPR) infrequent transmissibility disease, bring about her inherent 10 finger do not have dactylogram. In addition, 10 her toe also do not have distinct foot lines, and her skin does not have sweat gland, cannot discharge sweat normally. Not only such, in beautiful graceful De Jiazhong, her mother and a little sister also all does not have dactylogram, the officer father loops and whorls on a finger that there is her only in family person is normal. Because the United States is graceful,the father of heart works in army, have highest and safe level, because his whole family must admit dactylogram often. However, because wife, daughter does not have dactylogram, the job that gives him and life brought a lot of barriers.

It is reported, the port of custom of each country of pass in and out of regular meeting of classics of beautiful graceful heart as an empty elder sister, must admit identity of dactylogram ability appraisal. However because do not have dactylogram, she must expend setbacks to prove her identity. Her memory says: "When undertaking examine and verify of empty elder sister every time, I must obtain American confederative aviation to manage the proof of place. My colleague uses this kind of issue only spend 2 weeks, but I must cost 14 weeks however. " and in the sky becoming before elder sister, beautiful graceful heart also experienced the trouble related to dactylogram countless times when to apply for a job, everywhere be rebuffed.

However, doing not have dactylogram is one of numerous troubles that beautiful graceful heart faces only. Apparently, DPR won't bring life to browbeat to the patient it seems that, but be exceeding danger however actually. Human body cannot discharge sweat to mean the activity with any severe perhaps hot weather to be able to let them suffer heatstroke. The United States is for instance graceful heart, she cannot ride a bicycle too long, a few minutes have to extend the head into drop in temperature in water, can suffer heatstroke otherwise. She often the hand holds ice bag, most time must use air conditioning, such anguish should accompany her all one's life almost.

It is reported, DPR this kind of disease normally by familial the generation below medium female entail, patient besides mix without dactylogram cannot discharge sweat besides, still show a variety of different symptoms normally, for example the hair is few and far between, hidebound without tooth, fingernail break easily, element of the coloured on the skin is ad cool-headed etc. According to expert explanation, when normally fetal development goes to 11 weeks, begin to grow a dactylogram, but at this moment if a certain gene inside body produces mutation, the body won't issue the signal of ecbolic dactylogram, with respect to the DPR disease that can cause family of occurrence beauty graceful heart to encounter, lifelong without dactylogram. Those who make a person gratified is, switzerland the name is " Apoxis " a lot of problems that medical company had excogitated therapy of a kind of gene to correct DPR to bring about, and hopeful is in 2 years in undertake human body experiments. If succeed, aux will be able to makes a patient long give hair and tooth, sweat gland. Nevertheless, this therapeutics still gives the dactylogram that belongs to his unlikelily that your patient grows.
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