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Boat Hainan branch finishs incomplete south group of abstruse torch relay guaran

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Net of civil aviaton resource on September 4, 2008 message: On September 2 afternoon 14 when, inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, abbreviation " Na Hang " ) Qingdao of Hainan branch CZ6709 comes on Dalian airliner, received the 13rd damage abstruse meeting " line of times elegant demeanour " 56 members of torch relay group, they will pass the relay in the sky of Na Hang airliner, incomplete the holy fire of abstruse meeting the littoral city Dalian that from one of famous cities of Chinese history culture Qingdao delivers beauty.

To fulfil this one divine mission, height of boat Hainan branch takes seriously south, ensure a demand according to airliner of headquarters Olympic Games, hold safeguard for many times specific plan meeting refines safeguard content and report to fulfil a circumstance further. On September 2 early morning, ministry of cabin of branch of Na Hang Hainan undertakes elaborate adornment to plane cabin. In symbolic move " intelligence, body, spirit " the incomplete of spirit of harmonious and unified disabled Olympic movement abstruse emblem, accumulate the cabin of the beautiful orchid deck that island of the blessing Niu Lele that embodying disabled athlete constantly strive to become stronger and the far-reaching spirit that go all out in work tenaciously, intertropical Hainan teems with, showed adequately " humanitarian Olympic Games " " Olympic Games of science and technology " " green Olympic Games " concept. When the small national flag that has accepted steward to extend in succession in port mouth when torch relay group and passenger, passion and love begin to deliver between steward and passenger, in the home in this sweet sky, enjoying incomplete adequately what abstruse meeting brings is proud with joy.

"Chinese southern airline is incomplete especially group of abstruse torch relay delivers holy fire to turn field work provided safeguard of this second private plane, the mission that can execute this glory our unit staff feels the home in be honoured and welcoming you ardently to come to sweet sky... be represented to everybody in cabin when crew and when the passenger makes a speech, cabin noise removed enthusiastic applause, this applause is full of everybody's collective wish - congratulate beforehand incomplete jointly the consummation of abstruse meeting. In 10 thousand meters of headroom, 56 incomplete Ao Shenghuo delivers delegate and other fares to be in " holy fire illuminates China, person of harmonious heaven and earth " the name that oneself leave jointly on banner, witnessing unforgettable " times elegant demeanour " brigade, cheer for the Olympic Games jointly, for incomplete abstruse acclaim.

The 29th Olympic Games organizes committee emperor fire to deliver group assistant general director Mr Lin Xiaohua to say to crew: "The Olympic Games advocates a kind active up spirit, incomplete abstruse meeting more the people that advocates body deformity and perfect person are same, enjoy the right in the match on competition ground, do the overmatch of the life, the progress that is a society increases power. " his word again incentive each steward, in the job that continues this kind of spirit, study, life, develop the drive that this kind of constantly strive to become stronger mixes sports good athlete to go all out in work tenaciously, with incomplete abstruse meeting athlete exerts oneself up character and morals. Mr Lin writes in honored guest visitors' book: "Thank Na Hang to take incomplete seriously of abstruse meeting highly, the home in the enthusiastic service that acknowledgment provides for us and the sweet sky that build meticulously. The home in the enthusiastic service that acknowledgment provides for us and the sweet sky that build meticulously..
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