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Headroom of British new personality marries the station holds wedding on plane w

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Graph: On August 5, 2008, in 1000 feet of headroom, the station holds bridal newlywed person on plane wing.

In new network on August 6, 2008 report: Comprehensive report, 5 days, england is to new personality in 1000 feet of headroom -- the station is in by aerobatics member on the plane wing of driving red white alternate with -- the wedding that held them.

Bridal Katie Hodgson of 23 years old and bridegroom Groom Darren McWalters of 24 years old stand on two identical plane wing tips respectively, at the same time Rev. George Bringham station flew on the plane before them to chair their wedding through the system corresponding in sky in another.

News TV is broadcasting the sky to issue a bride in dangerous climate the marriage gauze of violent flap, because of the plane too big noise, they must talk aloud will let hear each other.

"Can you love her all one's life, respect her, protection she and faithful at her? " Bringham asks bridegroom aloud.

"I am willing! " McWalters replies aloud.

New personality vows aloud in 1000 feet of headroom, the plane pulls a cigarette of a spoken parts in an opera.

Because suffer harships effect, the plane stopped to fly, but new personality is excited still unceasingly, say they have a resounding wedding.

"I never had thought me to be able to marry on plane wing! " bridal agitato says.

Bridegroom says to celestial news station: "We are mad, so we hope to have the wedding of an extraordinary. So we hope to have the wedding of an extraordinary..

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