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Aviation will be rolled out western " 11 " the collective in golden week sky is

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Net of civil aviaton resource on September 23, 2008 message: Lot of bank of 3 unripe stone is destined " intimate sweetheart " , ever perhaps hoped only in lifetime on wedding, the elegance with organic can personal Western-style and bridal experience and free and easy; Perhaps Ceng Xiji is in the hour with the most divine life, with a kind special kind lets sweetness and happiness stop to elapse momently in that; Very much also perhaps second ground has dreamed, the angel that oneself become him flies the love sky in freedom!

To be about to enter the people of a new type of marital hall for, "11 " 7 days of long holidays appear particularly precious, and the plan commemorates " golden wedding " , " silver wedding " people also is cudgel one's brains for. Western aviation is finite liability company (West Air Co. , ltd. , the following abbreviation " western aviation " ) will make meticulously " sweetheart of 11 · intimate " the collective in romantic sky is bridal, the marriage during be National Day celebrates the vitality with market new infuse. This activity, aviation singles out the sieve 10 pairs western " intimate sweetheart " , in western aviation Chongqing comes 3 inferior new people is on airliner PN6203 make meticulously special " the marriage in sky is celebrated " brigade.

Experience enchanted and romantic machine to go up Western-style wedding

Journey of 125 minutes, western the marriage on the set machine that aviation planned meticulously to make a person enchanted celebrates an activity:

After the plane takes off, the strong feeling that every bits of bit numerous star is like on machine festive lantern, twinkle enlighten beautiful beautiful woman, pray for new personality;

In the singing of softhearted romance, the passenger on machine serves the blessing that comes from all corners of the land for new personality;

The engine room wedding of the singing west characteristic that accompanying love comes on stage ceremoniously; Grow bonnily by Wu hold the position of emcee, handsome priest to chair wedding for beautiful woman. Below the bright starlight that tentacle can reach, listening to each other heartbeat, experiencing angelic breath. In 30 thousand feet headroom, "Hold your hand, grow old with you " , invite star to join, with sidereal synchronism, let " love " rambling high in the clouds!

Perfect journey western aviation is one-stop service

Perfect journey, need careful preparation. As we have learned western aviation has been done " one-stop " service, bale as rich and generous gift give free 10 lucky pairs " intimate sweetheart " : Selected leading role can enjoy 3.5 fold Chongqing to come 3 inferior airline ticket of privilege of special offer going there and back (go Cheng airliner: PN6203 9 month 30 days of 18:55-21:00, return scheduled flight: PN6204 10 month 3 days of 21:45-23:50) ; Hire makeup girl photograph to follow especially; Special is received send; Arrive at 3 inferior hind provide local hotel housing for beautiful woman (enter of one's own accord, 3 inferior free ride expense is arranged independently by new personality) ... it is OK to let you and him the happiness that systemic a person's mind goes to experiencing lifetime!

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