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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 23, 2008 message: Boat of good to be done further aircrew protects safeguard job, inc. of China International aviation (Air China Limited, abbreviation " country boat " ) the branch austral west-southwest ensures a ministry integratedly (the following abbreviation " put together keeps a department " ) in the country on October 21 department of flight of boat southwest branch held a country boat of aircrew of boat southwest branch defends safeguard job informal discussion. The informal discussion invites flight department leaders of all levels and air man delegate attend, put together protects a leader, cure to defend a center relevant staff played have an informal discussion.

On the meeting, put together protects a Xiang Fei travel department is brief the issue that introduced boat to defend those who guarantee integral job to boost circumstance and aircrew's healthy current situation and presence, listened to the opinion that flight department leader, air man represents and proposal adequately. Dot of the recuperate after pertinent question, earthquake adjusts the check of aircrew cardinal principle that alludes in the light of flight department and the concerned problem of respect of aircrew mental health undertook reply on the spot and explanatory, solution of seasonable to problem of a few keys protocol, with the service safeguard object reachs consensus.

On the meeting, put together protects a leader to ask boat defends safeguard personnel to answer active and active thorough basic level, make good aircrew food through a variety of means, take exercise, rest the directive job that waits for a respect, the conduct propaganda before should strengthening check-up reminds, of check-up process dog along with visit and coordinate with the communication of flight department daily, do the body health care of good aircrew jointly, ensure country the manpower resource with boat southwest enough and healthy branch. On the informal discussion, put together protects an actuating pressure that still raises with respect to the aircrew to need the proposal that psychology refers greatly relatively, offerred guiding opinion, and the spot extended for each flight group " pressure such untangle " , " psychological adjustment " wait for a book. On the meeting, put together keeps a department affirmatory also will organize mental health to seek advice groom study, to whether can be aimed at the problem that the aircrew has man-to-man psychology seeks advice, in the plan that also will include a consideration to carry out.

(writer unit: The put together austral west-southwest of Inc. of China International aviation keeps a department)

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