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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 23, 2008 message: On October 18, liaoning saves city of first different ground to await machine building -- city of hill of International Airport saddle awaits Shenyang peach celestial being machine building hangs out his shingle formally operation. This indicates an airport of Shenyang peach celestial being and aviation of saddle hill city are carried realized linkage and be well versed in. Inc. of Chinese southern aviation (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, the following abbreviation " Na Hang " ) a contribution that northern branch awaited the operation of machine building to also make his for saddle hill city.

Serve the force of the brand to enlarge Na Hang, implement the concept with service hurried sale, service of ground of boat north branch ensures a ministry to capture saddle hill city to state the turning point that machine building establishs south, the business backbone of branch of assign value opportunity awaits machine building to saddle hill city the major that the staff member leaves harbor system and value aircraft service to have a week of by a definite date with respect to Na Hang grooms. Grooming in the process, the staff member that is worth backbone of machine department business to await machine building for saddle hill city explains seriously, impart value engine professional work, wholeheartedly help, directive they begin value engine professional work, the accord that won concerned leader and staff member reputably. While ground of this kind of different awaits machine building mode to go to Shenyang to seize the opportunity to offer advantage in personage of all circles of the hill that it is saddle, showed machine of market prise of Na Hang city adequately also " professional, convenient, exalted " high grade aviation serves internationalization.

(writer unit: Branch of north of Inc. of Chinese southern aviation)

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