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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 23, 2008 message: Inc. of China International aviation (Air China Limited, the following abbreviation " country boat " ) Inner Mongolia branch takes seriously very much from beginning to end leave a port the normal ratio of passenger baggage works, regard a when improve carriage service quality serious content as it, they adopt multinomial measure to reduce baggage to carry accident rate, promoted baggage effectively to carry service quality.

Since ground of branch of boat Inner Mongolia served the country to the ministry is established and run in August 2007, inner Mongolia branch leaves a port in Huhhot airport baggage is led normally in the country boat leaves a port baggage leads statistic normally in from beginning to end be among the best of candidates. In July 2008, Inner Mongolia branch will leave a port in Huhhot in August abnormal rate is baggage only respectively 0.63 ‰ of 0.09 ‰ , in the country boat of each branches, base leave a port baggage ranks the first in normal ratio statistic, the Olympic Games that is a company ensured the job to make positive contribution. The taking of these achievement, cannot leave ground of Inner Mongolia branch to serve an all sorts of adopted significant step, cannot leave the effort of each employee cautious and conscientious.

Carry level accepts in baggage good receive carry to close

Carry level accepts in baggage, personnel of opportunity of cost of demand of ministry of service of ground of branch of boat Inner Mongolia achieves the nation " eye diligent, mouth is diligent, diligent " , the impediment that reduces likelihood happening is abnormal hidden trouble. When the passenger consigns baggage, value opportunity personnel should remind a passenger to not be in travel Li Zhongga takes valuable, the side that consigns baggage does not allow to insert inside bag enclose article, consign baggage must add a lock or bale. If discover passenger baggage not lock, ground service department offers one-time lock, small lock freely to the passenger child etc. Longer to bag belt consign baggage, uniform use adhesive plaster is fixed, prevent a bag to take hook to be on conveyer belt. Value crewman must use small stapler baggage after been stick again clench, prevent baggage in consign, assemble and unassemble fall off in the process. The baggage of couplet Cheng passenger hangs couplet Cheng baggage besides fasten, change trains baggage outside, even the baggage name label that fasten hangs a bag to contain passenger full name and connection telephone call.

When airliner knot carries, crewman of each bar value must check the baggage around whether to have inside deferent passageway stop baggage. After the airliner is shut, check with station level ground baggage several, if station level ground feedbacks to be installed actually machine baggage and the baggage in system leaving port when number nots agree with, value crewman should check the baggage that whether deferent passageway has each baggage to be blocked again instantly, ask personnel of station level ground to check baggage small bill whether conform to of as small as what be worth crewman keep bill. If still did not find luggage, baggage of actual outfit machine small bill of baggage of keep of level ground of number and small from baggage of keep of opportunity of level ground of harbor, station, value bill, station still is not accorded with, seasonable announcement checks value opportunity foreman to install inspect discharge with inspect all right, undertake follow-up processing.
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