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Country department of boat Zhejiang flight applies red flag of general managemen

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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 22, 2008 message: On October 10 afternoon, inc. of China International aviation (Air China Limited, abbreviation " country boat " ) department of Zhejiang branch flight (the following abbreviation " flight department " ) hold staff plenary meeting, issued red flag of general management flow first.

It is reported, appraise through comparison of red flag of general management flow basically is in flight department one, 19 production military unit corresponding to a company spreads out, the purpose is to make sure the flight is safe better, strengthen flight team construction, develop the administrative dynamic role of squadron, of the job such as politics of stimulative production, training, thought begin effectively.

The index of activity of appraise through comparison of red flag of general management flow is main around move the main function set of flight squadron, cent is 6 big projects, specific quantify, and amid stresses a focal point, if safe respect is outstanding the accident that produces liability matter to bring about is symptomatic adopt one ticket to overrule make; Character side is outstanding and serious super- be restricted to whether exceed 2% ; Style respect highlights the preparation before the flight and operation standard; Cadre action highlights cadre management system; Team job respect highlights the stability of the team; Integrated processing respect is outstanding whether had happened to violate discipline incident.

Through appraise through comparison, one squadron got flight department with high component of 95 minutes 7, the red flag of general management flow August. What one squadron team leader works before Cheng Shengyang thinks this second bear the palm is pair of squadron one paragraph is affirmative, also be right the following lash, will continue hard henceforth, strive for again bear the palm.

Carry activity of appraise through comparison, promotional the communication between two squadron and study, formed the working atmosphere of red flag of squadron ego pressurization, try to overtake each other in friendly emulation, contention, to assure tamp of task of the flight safety, flight that finish with all one's strength foundation.

(writer unit: Department of flight of branch of Zhejiang of Inc. of China International aviation)

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