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Xinjiang sky is in charge of bureau communication terminal to hold safe special

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Net of civil aviaton resource on October 23, 2008 message: Management board of the traffic in using aviation bureau air to carry out the countryman in fulfilling deep further (abbreviation " bureau of canal of sky of civil aviation bureau " ) " the announcement that begins secure job special subject to rectify about providing a system for nothing " spirit, xinjiang sky is in charge of bureau communication terminal to will hold all worker safety to rectify in 3 buildings assembly room afternoon on October 17 arouse meeting, rectify an informal discussion at secure job special subject is being held in administrative assembly room on October 21 afternoon, party of cadre of above of level of division of office of terminal of communication of bureau of Xinjiang sky canal, basic unit, politics nearly 30 people joined a member the conference, the conference is chaired by Lu Yichang of terminal head of a station. The partial leader such as safe and Yan Ting forest, censorial place attended Jiao Zhiwei of section chief of communication navigation department, deputy director general the conference.

On the meeting, lu Yichang stationmaster introduced to hold secure job special subject to rectify the purpose of the informal discussion and meaning above all, make collectivity joins meeting personnel to realise the importance that reorganizes an activity and pressing sex, cadre of leaders of all levels wants set oneself an example to others to be depended on lawfully compasses, fulfil obligation deep, had done fulfil the job. Next Jiao Zhiwei section chief is aimed at rectified the job to elaborate superintend opinion, it is to check the job to want to close good quality, comprehensive study " criminal law " , " safe production law " , " the Party member punishs byelaw " , " safety administration implements measure " relevant law laws and regulations; 2 it is the leader should take seriously highly, check lash-up in time beforehand case, discover equipment malfunction hidden danger, union " regulations is fulfilled year " make very safe inspection further; 3 be from " 3 prevent " proceed with searchs the problem hidden trouble in secure job, make rectify and reform measure, improve insufficient place in time, ensure empty canal is safe. Join meeting personnel to make a speech actively, report each unit begins safety to rectify working situation, serious analysis is searched " wrong, forget, leakage " wait for working issue, make safety of every employee nurturance does not have the good job style of bagatelle, accomplish in secure job prevent lax, prevent paralytic, prevent exhaustion.

Finally, xinjiang sky is in charge of leader of bureau communication terminal to speak respectively, the requirement guarantees working end as the Olympic Games, safety consolidates the business that is a week not merely, however long-term and effective job. All cadre worker should master equipment to run a condition in real time, the hour on working station holds nervous working position, not not lax, paralytic, rise be on guard thought, transfer to run a side to the organization gradually from the factitious element previously, lead a cadre to want to enhance working responsibility heart especially, enhance safe consciousness, make this safety rectifies the job to achieve expect an end.
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